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Counterfeit parts

Counterfeit parts may appear the same, but they fail to meet expected performance levels due to inferior quality materials. As Toyota is committed to your safety and the best performance of your car, we recommend you use Toyota genuine parts from your Toyota dealer. Our high-quality standards are ensured by extensive research and testing.

Risks and Dangers


Fake parts are both a safety and a financial hazard. Toyota is working hard, both within its network and with customs and border control to help eliminate counterfeit products using the Toyota name from the market.

  • Safety risks for consumers

    • Fake parts are not made from the same high-quality materials or subject to the same strict quality controls as Toyota genuine products, so lead to health risks for the driver and passengers.
    • Non-genuine parts wear down faster and can cause car breakdowns or accidents.
  • Financial risk for consumers

    • Fake parts that are essential to the proper functioning of the vehicle (clutch discs, brake pads, oil filters) can damage the vehicle and cause costly repairs.
    • Use of fake parts can result in the loss of cover provided by your vehicle’s manufacturer warranty.

To make sure your Toyota performs at the highest level and to ensure your safety it’s best to always choose Toyota Authorised Repairers for repair and maintenance and to use Toyota genuine parts.

All Toyota genuine products are the result of extensive research and rigorous testing procedures. Every product undergoes detailed examination to guarantee it meets Toyota’s exacting standards of high quality, reliability, and performance. Only products that pass these strict assessments are passed to our customers, helping to ensure your safety and the long life of your vehicle.

In addition, all Toyota genuine products benefit from a trusted Toyota warranty to ensure that vehicles run optimally and offer the outstanding performance you expect. Toyota assumes no warranty whatsoever for any problems resulting from the use of parts other than Toyota genuine parts.


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Counterfeit Part

  • There’s often no bypass valve so when it clogs, the engine gets no oil at all, leading to seizure requiring an expensive repair
  • A counterfeit oil filter contains low quality filter paper which is more likely to clog, which results in oil not being properly cleaned
  • The ‘o’ ring is liable to be made out of cheaper material causing oil leaks into the engine, increasing the risk of fire
  • Tests show that compared to genuine Toyota oil filters, counterfeit oil filters become clogged in half the time and need replacing more often

Genuine Part

  • Toyota genuine oil filter is constructed with high quality materials and tested rigorously
  • The filter material has a greater surface area and is held in place by components specifically designed and manufactured for the job
  • The quality and construction of casing materials and ‘o’ ring are thoroughly tested to ensure they never leak

Counterfeit Brake Pad


Counterfeit pads are generally made from visibly inferior materials which impart a braking force insufficient to reach basic performance levels. The friction material can separate from the metal plate, leading to brake failure and a possible road collision. The material is often not as heat resistant as that of genuine Toyota brake pads, making them liable to ignite.

Other problems include premature wear, shorter life, and the creation of grooves in the brake disc, which causes vibrations, rapid wear, and frequent need for replacement.

Genuine Brake Pad

Brake pads are perhaps the most important parts affecting your vehicle’s safety, which is why Toyota regularly conducts tests on them.

They're made from high quality friction material and are proven to perform to the highest standard.

Our studies prove that typical stopping distances with Toyota genuine brake pads are 30% shorter than those achieved with counterfeit versions.

Counterfeit Air Filter


Eventually, all filters become congested and need replacement, but counterfeit filters contain only one layer of filtering material, so clog up in half the time compared to a Toyota genuine air filter.

According to our tests, counterfeit air filters hold far less dust than genuine air filters. This means they allow up to 10 times more dust particles into the engine.


Toyota Genuine Filter


Genuine Toyota air filter has three layers of filter material, extending its working life, and maximising your engine performance. Its dimensions are precise, with no gaps that might let particles through to damage the engine. 

With the increasing availability of airbags through discount and auction websites, this is one area where great caution is needed to ensure any replacement airbag is installed through your Toyota Authorised Repairers, so you can be sure your airbags are effective when they’re needed most.

Counterfeit Airbags

Tests reveal that counterfeit airbags may deploy late or not at all in an accident, or cause accidents themselves by deploying when they shouldn’t. Some even throw out metal projectiles into the cabin as they explode.

Indicators of a counterfeit airbag include unusually low cost, a different colour or finish to the cover or tear-seams, evidence of being trimmed to fit and the airbag warning light not illuminating during ignition.

Toyota Genuine Airbag

The quality of components is vital to the correct deployment of airbags. Toyota genuine Airbags react in one twenty-fifth of a second to a collision. This requires the cables and connectors between accelerometers, sensors and triggers to be made to the highest possible standards using correct materials.

In addition to repair and maintenance items, Toyota genuine accessories have also been illegally copied and are sold on the market. They’re not made to the same high standards as Toyota genuine products, so they too can represent safety risks.

Counterfeit Floor Mats

Counterfeit floor mats do not fit your vehicle perfectly so can slip under the pedals and impede your ability to brake.


Toyota genuine floor mats are specifically designed to fit each model perfectly. All Toyota floor mats, whether textile or rubber, fit the vehicle perfectly and are specially designed so they won't slip out of position. 

Counterfeit Spark Plugs

Counterfeit plugs may look the part, but don’t act the part. For example, the number indicated on the spark plug refers to the heat range it can withstand. Tests show that counterfeit spark plugs often cannot endure the high heat indicated by the number on the casing and in the worst cases, the electrode melts, leading to engine damage.

With no copper electrode, the heat resistance of the counterfeit plug is far lower, leading to potential engine damage. The low-quality insulator is unable to withstand the high voltage required for effective firing, leading to voltage leak, engine misfiring, and lower engine output. With no copper structure within the central electrode, counterfeit spark plugs erode more quickly and to a higher degree than the Toyota genuine equivalent.

Toyota Genuine Spark Plug

Spark plugs play a major role in determining optimal vehicle performance and ensuring the reliable functioning of an engine. Toyota genuine Spark plugs can perform to the heat specifications shown on the casing.

As well as being properly tested to ensure it meets the indicated performance levels, the central electrode is constructed from copper to offer efficient heat conduction.

Why Buy Toyota Genuine Parts?

  • They’re high quality products which are certified and maintain your Toyota warranty.

  • There’s a 100% guarantee that the parts are made to Toyota specifications and fit perfectly.

  • Using Toyota genuine parts will increase the resale value of your Toyota.

In every test, there is no contest. The performance of your car combines with your continued peace of mind to ask your Toyota dealer for Toyota Genuine Parts as the only good option when repairing your Toyota.

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